Bobermann Vladimir (1897 - 1977)

Vladimir Bobermann was born in Yerevan, Armenia and studied at the I.I. Mashkov studio in Moscow. Between 1921-1923 Bobermann lived in Italy and exhibited his work at the “Lyceum” club in Florence. On the way from Italy to Berlin, where his family had moved to, Bobermann met Gregorio Sciltian, who said of Bobermann’s time in Italy: 
«He showed me newspaper clippings and told me about the interest that the Italian public displays towards arts, about endless debates between the artists in cafes of Florence, that sometimes end in fights, as it used to happen in our cafes in Tbilisi» (Sciltian, pp. 225-226).
When in Berlin Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia was a guest at the Bobermann family home and was introduced to the lively artistic environment of the city and its local artists. Upon his return to Italy Bobermann cooperated with the Bragaglia gallery, held personal shows, and created various illustrations for several issues of the «Cronache d 'attualità» journal between 1921 and 1922 that was published by the Bragaglia brothers. 
In 1923 Bobermann permanatly moved to Berlin and there together with Philippe Hosiasson, Leon Zak and Pavel Chelishev worked as a set decorator at the Boris Romanov “Russian Romantic Theatre”. At the end of 1923, the ballet company went on tour to Paris, where Bobermann decided to stay and work in the same studio as Philippe Hosiasson and Leon Zak. 
In Paris, under the influence of Eugène Boudin and Johan Jungkind, Bobermann painted still life and impressionaist landscapes of Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice; he also created decorative panels, sketches for carpets and fabrics (one of his tapesries is currently at the La Scala Theatre), and designed furniture models for J. Mottheau. Bobermann often worked together with his wife – Dusja Ryss.
Bobermann’s work has been exhibited in galleries of T. Carmine (1925) and Druet (1929), in the Salon d’Automne and the Salon des Indépendants (from 1927), as well as at the Salon of Exchange and Salon des Surindépendants, and Tuileries in 1930. In 1928 Bobermann was featured at the Moscow museum of French Modern Art in the Russian Arts section. Furthermore, he held private shows in the parisien galleries Ch. А. Girard (November 1933), J. Castel (May 1936) and Schoeller (1939), and in London between 1938 and 1939. His works have also been exhibited in Jeu de Paume museum and Musée du Luxembourg in Paris. In 1961 his works were shown at the “Russian artists of the Paris School” exhibition in the Maison de la Pensee Francais in Paris. One of his painting, «La Porte de Saint-cloud» is stored at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. 
Bobermann spent his last years in Spain and died in Ibiza in 1977. 

NB In various biogrphies Bobermann is referred to as Vladimir, Volodja, Val'demar or Voldomar Bobermann.

Родился в Армении, учился в студии И.И. Машкова в Москве. В 1921-23 жил в Италии. Участвовал в выставках в Лицеуме и галерее Bragaglia в Риме. В 1923 переехал в Берлин. Вместе с Ф. Газиасоном, Л. Заком и П. Челищевым работал декоратором балетной труппы "Русский романтический театр" Б.Г. Романова. В конце 1923 переехал в Париж. Работал в одной мастерской с Л. Заком и Ф. Газиасоном. Писал натюрморты и импрессионистические пейзажи Парижа, Лондона, Амстердама, Рима, Венеции. Создавал декоративные панно, рисунки для ковров и тканей, разрабатывал модели мебели для фирмы J. Mottheau. 

Выставлялся в галлереях T. Carmine (1925), Druet (1929), в салонах Осеннем и Независимых (с 1927), Обмена, Сверхнезависимых и Тюильри (1930-е). Был представлен в русском отделе выставки Современное французское искусство в Москве (1928). Провел персональные выставки в парижских галлереях Ch. А. Girard (ноябрь 1933), J. Castel (май 1936) и schoeller (1939), а также в Лондоне (1938-1939). Картины в музее Же де Пом и Люксембургском музее Парижа. В 1961 работы были показаны на выставке "Русские художники парижской школы" в Доме французской мысли в Париже.

Vladimir Boberman - Venice.  Oil on canvas, signed.  Size: 60,5 x 38,5 cm.

Vladimir Boberman - Venice. Oil on canvas, signed.

Size: 60,5 x 38,5 cm.